About GoodTherapy.org

About GoodTherapy.org

Ranked as one of the top therapist directories on the internet, GoodTherapy.org is an association of mental health professionals from more than 30 countries worldwide and rehab and treatment centers across the United States who support efforts to reduce harm in therapy. As an advocate for healthy psychotherapy, GoodTherapy.org educates the public about the differences between healthy and unhealthy psychotherapy practices and promotes collaborative and nonpathologically based approaches within the professional community. Launched in 2007, the GoodTherapy.org Network receives more than 1.5 million therapist searches each month and reaches, through a variety of partner and advertising networks, an estimated 7 million people per month. GoodTherapy.org maintains the highest membership requirements, individually verifying each applicant meets strict educational, licensure, and philosophical guidelines.

GoodTherapy.org was founded by Noah Rubinstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist, in an effort to address and prevent therapists and treatment professionals from misusing their power, getting their own needs met at the expense of their clients, violating boundaries, and treating clients in punitive or condescending ways. Uniquely positioned as a social enterprise, GoodTherapy.org focuses on blending market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose, leading to positive change in mental health. Click here to learn more about the GoodTherapy.org mission and vision.

Meet Our Team

Led by founder and CEO Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC, the GoodTherapy.org team is committed to furthering awareness of the benefits of psychotherapy, to reducing harm and stigma, and to supporting mental health professionals in providing quality treatment. Every day we connect people seeking therapy to carefully screened professionals, and we educate the people who visit our site and social media about important issues and developments in psychology.

Executive Team

  • Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC
    Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, LMHC
    Founder and CEO
  • Jennifer Shin
    Jennifer Shin
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jenn Feldmann, MBA
    Jenn Feldmann, MBA
    Chief Information Officer
  • Chesna Klimek, MA
    Chesna Klimek, MA
    Chief Operating Officer

Editorial Team

The GoodTherapy.org editorial team strives to provide compelling, accurate, and useful information about mental health, psychotherapy, and wellness to an ever-growing audience.

  • Dave Ake
    Dave Ake
    Editorial Director
  • Rob Wieman
    Rob Wieman
    Senior Editor
  • Allana Schwaab
    Allana Schwaab
  • Crystal Raypole
    Crystal Raypole

Continuing Education Committee

The GoodTherapy.org Continuing Education Commitee is an important aspect of our efforts to provide quality continuing education events for our members. The Continuing Education Committee reviews potential CE presenters and topics, as well as coordinates our online CE events.

  • Jackie Fry, MA
    Jackie Fry, MA
    Continuing Education Coordinator
  • Chen Z. Oren, PhD
    Chen Z. Oren, PhD
    Continuing Education Committee Member
  • Karen Hofmann, PhD
    Karen Hofmann, PhD
    Continuing Education Committee Member
  • Susan Buckles, JD, BCD, LICSW
    Susan Buckles, JD, BCD, LICSW
    Continuing Education Committee Member
  • Wei-Chien Lee, PhD
    Wei-Chien Lee, PhD
    Continuing Education Committee Member

Support Team

Always friendly and thorough, the GoodTherapy.org support team is dedicated to helping people find the right therapist, to addressing the needs of members, and to ensuring a positive user experience to each person who visits our website.

  • Greg Caulfield
    Greg Caulfield
    Member Support Director
  • Eli Levich
    Eli Levich
    Member Support: Continuing Education Liaison
  • Evan Grotsky
    Evan Grotsky
    Member Support
  • Lindsay Tompkins
    Lindsay Tompkins
    Member Support
  • Pascale Hendricks
    Pascale Hendricks
    Member Support
  • Ryan Spurrier
    Ryan Spurrier
    Member Support

Outreach and Advertising Team

The GoodTherapy.org outreach and advertising team works tirelessly to build quality, lasting relationships with other organizations and media outlets, helping to spread the message about our unique mission and vision, services, and advertising opportunities.

  • Amanda Schaeffer
    Amanda Schaeffer
    Advertising Director
  • Colin Matteson
    Colin Matteson
    Partnerships and Business Development
  • Melissa Burgess
    Melissa Burgess
    Content Marketer

Web Development Team

Our highly skilled and creative web developers, programmers, and designers keep GoodTherapy.org running smoothly to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • Becca Fraser
    Becca Fraser
    SEO Director
  • Kris Clark
    Kris Clark
    Web Development Manager
  • Agustin Garrasino
    Agustin Garrasino
    Lead Programmer
  • Julian Butti
    Julian Butti
  • Muhammad Naveed
    Muhammad Naveed
  • Rehan Raees
    Rehan Raees
  • Sebastian Sperandio
    Sebastian Sperandio

Business and Administrative Team

A quick glance at our business and administrative team reveals we’re not exactly all business, all the time. But when it comes to day-to-day operations, everyone on the GoodTherapy.org team benefits from this team's support.

  • Ellen Saline
    Ellen Saline
    Human Resources Director
  • Kobe Rubinstein
    Kobe Rubinstein
    Chief Playful Officer
  • Niko Rubinstein
    Niko Rubinstein
    Head of Security

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