There are numerous therapy directories on the internet. Unfortunately, many of these therapist directories have no standard for choosing who they allow into their directory, and as long as the therapist is willing to pay the advertising fee, membership is granted. 

What Makes Stand Out?

At, only therapists and counselors who strive to adhere to the Elements of Good Therapy and who describe their therapy and counseling as empowering, non-pathologizing, and collaborative are allowed to be listed in the therapist directory. We believe that given a choice, people would rather search a directory of therapists who are non-pathologizing and collaborative, than to search the alternative.

For Therapists: features thousands of therapists from all across the world who are licensed and committed to providing ethical therapy. If you are interested in joining us in our mission to reduce harm in therapy, you can find more information about becoming a member of by visiting our Membership Information page.