Mission FISH is a nonprofit organization that plans fishing day trips to help veterans, active duty military service members, first responders, and Gold Star Families.

Between 7% and 8% of the population will experience PTSD at some point, and Mission FISH organizes a fishing excursion to help service members take their minds off symptoms. Mission FISH also has a freshwater fishing program: Fishin' Buddies 4 Veterans.

The fishing trips are a great opportunity for veterans and active members of the military to process stressors related to their work and everyday lives. Being out on the ocean offers a special opportunity take a step back from daily routines and enjoy a unique outing and wildlife encounters. 

The organization provides participants with rental fishing rods, tackle, a fishing license for the day, meals, raffle prizes, and the company of other veterans and service members. On these fishing excursions, participants can share stories and relax on the open waters. Mission FISH helps foster and share their passion for fishing with military service members.

The organization is always looking for mental health professionals to volunteer time and join them on fishing trips to provide additional support to participants. If you’re a mental health professional in California and you’re available to volunteer, please get in touch with Mission FISH through their website or Facebook page to introduce yourself and coordinate participation.