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Intimacy and sexuality are an important part of many people’s lives. Sexual dysfunction, in turn, can affect one’s relationships, body image, and more. Intimacy issues are often addressed in couples counseling or sex therapy, but other types of therapy can also be effective.

Mental health issues such as depression can sabotage sexual performance. Thus, concerns about intimacy may arise while an individual is seeking treatment for a seemingly unrelated diagnosis. In one APA survey, 27% of psychologists said they treated sexual dysfunction “occasionally” or “frequently”.

Sex is a delicate subject for many people. Individuals in therapy will have different levels of experience, knowledge, and comfort zones around sex. Continuing education courses on sexuality can teach mental health professionals how to facilitate open, non-stigmatizing discussions. Continuing education on sexuality may cover a variety of topics, from intimacy after pregnancy to the finer points of sex therapy. 


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