'Already Well': Recognizing Wellness as a Precursor to Getting Better

Presented by Denee Jordan, PsyD on 05-08-2015 at 9 a.m. Pacific to 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern)

This web conference is an overview of a psychotherapeutic perspective and process called ‘Already Well’—a simple, yet powerful intervention that can be used alone or as a foundation to support and enhance all therapeutic and healing modalities. ‘Already Well’ espouses that no matter what a client may be presenting with, he or she is already an amazing, natural, unique synthesis of experiences, genetics, spirit (Wise Self), and environment, replete with coping mechanisms that are a natural part of being wholly human.

Though many modalities of psychotherapy include these ideas, ‘Already Well’ focuses on, and makes explicit, this miraculous synthesis (wellness) as the precursor for growth and change. This is done through a four-step process involving exploration, discovery, reconciliation, and intentional awareness. This process encourages the identification of the client’s ‘Wise Self’ (i.e. real self, core self, spirit, authentic self) and looks at key experiences, relationships, problems, and so on, and views reactions to these as being natural and normal aspects of the human drive to survive and evolve. When a therapist and client can view all behavior, circumstances, thoughts, and feelings from a functional rather than dysfunctional perspective, the mind, body, and spirit become better optimized for healing and all subsequent interventions are more successful, thus leading to an improved sense of worth, value, and ability. These four steps will be covered specifically, as will the neurobiological research supporting self-acceptance as an essential preliminary intervention for wellness.

This web conference will focus not only on how the ‘Already Well’ process can benefit clients, but also on how the technique can benefit clinicians by helping with burnout, over-enmeshment, and the “Why can I help everyone else but myself?” syndrome. ‘Already Well’ was initially developed as an alternative approach to working with clients with schizophrenia. Dr. Jordan discovered that the symptom- and problem-focused treatment model focused on compliance and pseudo-normalization and was not encouraging or empowering her clients to make positive changes. Dr. Jordan has since utilized the ‘Already Well’ process across a broad spectrum of diagnoses and in conjunction with many evidence-based practices and other traditional and non-traditional healing modalities.

This intermediate instructional level web conference is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Differentiate between a problem-focused approach to wellness and a normalized, inspirited approach;
  2. Utilize the four ‘Already Well’ steps to help clients: explore, discover, reconcile, and use intentional awareness;
  3. Demonstrate how the ‘Already Well’ perspective/foundation can be used with other treatment modalities;
  4. Explain how neurobiological and scientific research supports the value of self-acceptance as a precursor to ongoing health and wellness.

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Event Reviews from Members

"The most important part of the workshop was the four-step format for introducing concept to clients." - Nancie Hamlett, MA, LP

"She was great! Enthusiastic, knowledgable." - Norene E. Chevalier, MA

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Meet the Presenter

Denee Jordan, PsyD

Denee Jordan, PsyD

Dr. Denee Jordan, PsyD, LMFT has been practicing psychotherapy for 28 years. She has worked with some of the nation’s leading experts to create both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, trauma, schizophrenia, and other severe mental health conditions.

In 2008 she became the Clinical Director of the La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, the largest facility of its kind in Los Angeles County, serving people with chronic mental health conditions. There, she presented numerous trainings to the professional staff on the ‘Already Well’ concepts of recovery and developed and pioneered the La Casa Family Recovery Program, serving the family and loved ones of those diagnosed with severe mental health issues. Dr. Jordan continues to train professionals and the general public on topics related to her model of the human capacity for healing and wellness. She currently serves as the Mental Health Services Director for the Exceptional Children’s Foundation.

Dr. Jordan is presently working with Dr. Tatsuo Hirano, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), who is internationally known as an energy healer. Together they are working towards merging the theories of TCM with the practice of 'Already Well' to create and maintain a powerful state of physical health and mental wellness. For more information on Dr. Jordan, please visit www.alreadywell.com.

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