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Marketing Team

The GoodTherapy.org marketing team works tirelessly to build quality, lasting relationships with other organizations and media outlets, helping to spread the message about our unique mission and vision, services, and advertising opportunities.

  • Becca Fraser    SEO Director

    Becca has always walked the fine line between creativity and logic. After completing her associate of arts degree at Centralia Community College, she moved on to Washington State University Vancouver and earned a degree in digital technology and culture. At WSU Vancouver she learned about web design, coding, and the psychology behind how people use websites and why.

    After college, Becca landed her first real job as a content writer with a search engine optimization (SEO) company. While SEO had been touched on briefly in her classes, this experience revealed it as a much bigger, fascinating industry. She quickly moved from simple content production to being involved with website development and SEO-related tasks. Since joining GoodTherapy.org in early 2013, she has been working hard to make sure people can find our content and easily connect with therapists.

    In her free time, Becca enjoys curling up with good books, playing new video games, and exploring the world. Having grown up on a farm, she enjoys the outdoors and animals, though she has room for only a cat in her apartment. She has long harbored an interest in martial arts, including taekwondo, as well as fencing and archery. When she can find the time, she has also been known to tackle crafts such as chainmail jewelry.

  • Colin Matteson    Partnerships and Business Development

    Colin has lived in Washington all his life, and has invested the majority of his time fostering strong connections with the people of the Pacific Northwest. Despite heeding numerous warnings about pursuing an arts degree, he attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia and received a bachelor's degree in music and music technology. The years he spent at the school inspired his involvement in the community and his goal of continual personal growth. He is devoted to being a better version of himself each and every day.

    Colin takes tremendous pride in his work, and is passionate about making connections with people and organizations alike to spread awareness of the mission and vision of GoodTherapy.org. Outside of work, you may find him volunteering in the community, writing and performing music, looking at used records at local music shops, babysitting, or playing basketball.

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