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Voice Dialogue


In Voice Dialogue, a therapist addresses specific parts of a client’s psyche by engaging those parts in a form of dialogue. The goal of Voice Dialogue is to determine which parts of the psyche a client most identifies with and to teach the client how to separate themselves from their psyche in order to eliminate the negative implications it has on their life. A client is enlightened to the many different inner beings, energies and aspects that rely within him and is given the skills necessary to balance the harmony of each level simultaneously. Voice Dialogue results in a more level sense of self, clearer self-awareness, improved relationships and vibrant self-expression. Voice Dialogue was developed by Hal Stone, PhD, and Sidra Stone, PhD.

Voice Dialogue Technique

The Voice Dialogue technique allows a client to gain a deeper sense of inner wisdom and gives them the opportunity to identify and examine the voices within. Being armed with this powerful knowledge provides a greater resource from which the client can draw upon when faced with difficult circumstances. The Voice Dialogue guides a client into realizing that there are parts of their inner being that propel them, but they are separate from those parts. They begin to understand that they are made up of many parts and each serves a function and has an energy force that sustains it. With this awareness, a client is able to create a balance among all of his corresponding and correlating parts and can determine which ones to silence and which ones to accentuate.


The "Aware Ego" in Voice Dialogue

In Voice Dialogue, this heightened sense of awareness is referred to as the “aware ego.” An aware ego is not a trait that one possesses, rather it is a process by which we begin to know all of the layers of our consciousness on an intimate level. Because there is an negative for every positive, the aware ego assumes that you can experience both the beneficial part of your consciousness and its opposite. With enough insight into your own identity, you can choose freely which one will serve you better, and can adjust, alter, and align the parts within to meet your goals for healing.


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Last updated: 05-02-2014


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