Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy

Virginia Satir, often called the “Columbus of Family Therapy,” developed the Satir Method to improve the quality of communication and relationships inside the structure of the family. Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy works on addressing a client’s actions, emotions, and perceptions as they relate to their dynamic in the family unit. A highly trained and skilled therapist works with the client to affect a sense of responsible harmony and oneness by addressing and accepting traumas and wounds that ultimately lead to an inner sense of peace and joy.

Satir's Theoretical Framework

Satir believed that all people are equipped with the capacity for growth, transformation, and continuing education; and she focused her technique on finding the inner self. Not only does this method combine both interactive and intrapsychic elements of modern therapy, but it strives to create change at the core of one’s being. 

Satir Model & Method: Self Actualization and Connection to Higher Wisdom

The Satir method strives to assist people in achieving maximum human development by encouraging their spiritual center to express itself more positively. With more energy and vitality, people are encouraged to facilitate transformation in their sense of being that liberates them from any inhibitions and brings them to a place of full understanding. The Satir method works with the client to allow them to live in the present with a newly found sense of courage and awareness. This process begins when a person can find their true self.

In the Satir method, people are taught how to connect to that higher wisdom. They learn how to identify their own belief structures, coping mechanisms, judgments, emotions, and expectations. When they have discovered these elements of themselves, they are then given the freedom to choose how to design their internal construct and determine which elements of themselves they will transform to provide a more positive environment in which to live. Because relationships are the cornerstone of fulfillment, this method serves as an excellent tool for achieving balanced and healthy relationships through self-actualization.

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