How to Go on a True Mental Detox in 7 Steps

How to go On A True Mental Detox

How to Go on a True Mental Detox

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Learning how to go on a true mental detox involves decluttering your mind to increase feelings of peace and rest. With the age of technology, social media, and on-the-go mindsets, achieving true peace-of-mind, where you feel rested and renewed, can feel extremely difficult at times. With so much filling the space in your mind or feeling like you cannot turn off your brain, you might feel increased feelings of anxiety or worry. Keep reading to learn how to go on a true mental detox.

Be Intentional

With so much to do in so little time, it is easy to forget your drive and purpose for why you are doing certain things. Learning how to go on a true mental detox should involve increased intention in every move you make. Setting your intention at the start of each day and before you enter into any activity or decision can help you think more clearly. It can remind you of what your goals are and help keep your thoughts organized as you move forward.

Start Getting Out and Active

Taking yourself out of your normal environment can be a great tool when learning how to go on a true mental detox. Getting outdoors in a quiet environment can help you feel connected to the world around you. Staying active and healthy can help you achieve higher energy levels to accomplish your goals with less stress and anxiety.

Minimize the Use of Technology

Technology and social media are two of the biggest culprits in the cluttering and disorganization of our minds and our attention when learning how to go on a true mental detox. The need to constantly perform, receive attention, or engage in an activity can make it much harder for us to achieve genuine rest. As you lay down or look for something to do on your day off, try to avoid social media or even taking pictures of whatever it is you are doing. By doing this, you can start to learn how to go on a true mental detox and feel truly present


A great way to center yourself is to spend time practicing meditation or prayer depending on your background. Focusing on healthy breath patterns and positive self-affirmations can be a great way to find your focus and teach you how to go on a true mental detox. The discipline of regular meditation or prayer can help you find ways to stay calm throughout your daily life.

Express Your Frustrations

Keeping things walled up inside your mind can quickly lead to increased levels of anxiety or other serious mental health issues. Finding ways to healthily vent about or express the things that frustrate you can help you release those things from your mind. While it is ok to vent to someone you trust, something as simple as “junk journaling” can be an extremely healthy way to release frustrations when learning how to go on a true mental detox.


Taking the time to self-reflect and determine what is important to you is valuable when learning how to go on a true mental detox. Take time during your week to evaluate what relationships, objects, activities, and environments hold emotional and mental weight in your life. Take your analysis and use it to determine what things you might need to release in order to achieve happiness or peace.

Consider Therapy

While many of these steps can be extremely useful in your search for mental clarity and peace, there is much more you can do. Partnering with a mental health provider and going to therapy is one of the best ways to learn how to go on a true mental detox. By working with a professional, you can learn new ways to address key areas in your life and work through cluttered areas in your mind.

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  • Nadia

    September 10th, 2020 at 9:50 AM

    This article is such a great reminder for all of us and I absolutely love and agree with every mental detox method you have listed. I have tried almost all of them whenever I feel mentally tired and exhausted. Given the prevalence of mental health conditions, it is high time that we start including these amazing steps into our lifestyle and make it a habit. Lack of self-reflect, meditation, prayer, and physical activity is making our mental as well as physical health neglected and poor. Rising cases of depressed people and then eventually suicide is suggesting how neglected is our mental health. We still see it as a taboo to talk about our sadness, depression, and frustration. Seeking medical help is another big hurdle and all lead to broken individuals. We need to be very mindful and alert when it comes to our feelings. We need to write down our feelings, see a therapist to talk it all out. Keeping everything bottled up leads to explosions of emotions and we vent them out in a wrong situation, on wrong people. To me, exercise holds the utmost amount of importance when it comes to making myself feel exuberant and upbeat after an anxiety episode. Trust me guys these steps will save you from a number of things such as different anxiety medications and feelings of hopelessness and demotivation. You should try them and see the difference! Cheers.

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