Steve Andreas is a contemporary psychologist who has helped to pioneer the practice of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Personal Life

Andreas has changed his name twice, first from John O. Stevens to Steve Stevens, then later to Steve Andreas. His mother, Barry Stevens, was a Gestalt therapist and writer. 

Professional Life

Andreas began his professional career as a chemist, then switched to psychology in the 1960s. He graduated from Brandeis University with an MA in psychology, where he was mentored by Abraham Maslow. He then began teaching at Diablo Valley College in California. In 1967, Andreas became interested in the Gestalt technique, and he began his editing career. He edited several books relating to Gestalt Therapy and eventually shifted his focus to the field of neuro-linguistic programming.

In 1967, Andreas created Real People Press, a publishing company which aims to enhance and distribute works on psychology and self-improvement. In addition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Colorado was founded several years later to further the research and training of the field. Although the company has changed ownership, Andreas continues to play an active role through training, speaking, and publishing.

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Andreas's books include:

Contribution to Psychology

Although Andreas did not invent neuro-linguistic programming, he has helped to popularize the theory. NLP tends to be viewed as an alternative or new-age practice and is highly popular. One of the basic premises of NLP is that there is a connection between brain processes, language, and behavioral patterns. “Programming” in NLP refers to behavior. NLP practitioners tend to focus on reshaping behavior, using the practice to treat a wide array of mental health concerns. Andreas has focused heavily on helping people eliminate negative, self-defeating thoughts

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In July, 2010 Steve Andreas presented Help with Negative Self-Talk, a web conference available to clinicians for 1.5 continuing education credits.

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