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If you want to learn more about human psychology or improve your mental health services in a short period of time, the most effective next step may be to find a local psychology workshop. Workshops are typically short educational courses that focus on specific concepts in a particular course of study, or on the development of a particular skill.

Workshops on mental health are often informal and interactive. Trainers and participants may take part in discussions, presentations, debates, or hands-on demonstrations to engage with new ideas and techniques. Workshops are also time-limited and self-contained. While many academic courses may take months to complete, a typical workshop for therapists, psychologists, clinical social workers, or the general public may last from only 1 hour up to several days. All information is presented during the workshop, so additional reading or homework outside of the assigned time for the workshop is not required.

Mental health workshops tend to consist of:

  • A small group of 6-15 people
  • People who work on the same team or in related fields
  • People who have experience or interest in the topic being covered

Professionals with busy schedules often appreciate these short, intensive learning sessions. The small group size often allows participants to be heard, receive personal attention, and get questions addressed in a timely manner.

For therapists who are unfamiliar with or inexperienced in applying certain therapeutic techniques, workshops about therapy modalities can provide a good starting point in which to learn basic concepts and hone your skills. In many cases, therapists who participate in mental health workshops develop a sense of community and are able to expand their professional network.

If you are a trainer, mental health workshops may be the most effective medium when you are:

  • Teaching a new concept
  • Conducting the initial training of your mental health staff or volunteers
  • Explaining mental health issues to the public


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