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Grief is something everyone experiences in life at least once. Caused by loss, such as the loss of a loved one, grief is a natural process. Just because it is something that happens to everyone does not mean it is easy to navigate. Some struggle deeply to walk through grief and overcome the difficult feelings they are experiencing. Trying to comprehend death and loss partnered by being bereaved of your loved one can completely overwhelm some people.

Some of the most common stressors and barriers those dealing with grief must navigate include how to move on with life, comprehending what has happened to their loved one, and feeling as though you cannot go on without that person.

As one of the most common human experiences, many therapists are trained in how to help their clients manage grief, but learning should never stop. Continuing education for therapists can ensure that you have the grief training you need to help your clients develop healthy strategies to cope.

GoodTherapy offers continuing education for therapists on grief training. Grief training courses include topics like clinical practices for grief and loss, counseling for grief and bereavement following a sudden/violent/traumatic death, and therapy for suicide survivors. Depending on the state you currently practice in, continuing education for therapists may be necessary to meet licensing requirements.

By participating in continuing education courses for therapists regarding grief training, providers can broaden their knowledge and skill set, equipping themselves with tools to effectively treat patients managing grief.

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