The Emotional Clearing Process

'Emotional Clearing Process

Year Founded: 1994

Model of Therapy: Emotional Clearing Process

Available training types: In-Person via Skype

Although psychotherapy today is primarily concerned with feelings, it is often confined to an intellectual-cognitive level. The Emotional Clearing Process (ECP) provides the working therapist with insights and training in how to confidently take therapy to the experiential feeling level, where authentic healing takes place. In harmony with the values of traditional humanistic psychology as well as the holistic evolutionary journey, ECP goes deep to affect a lasting transformation.

ECP is an inner-directed approach. The facilitator guides the client into a deep alpha-state relaxation with eyes closed. By relaxing the conscious mind, the subconscious suppressed negativity that is behind the client's issues comes to the surface, in the form of feelings and emotions, which are then released by means of the process. The therapist is thoroughly trained in how to bring the client into the alpha-state relaxation, how to evoke the negative subconscious, and how to work with whatever will emerge. All levels of trauma, repression, and dysfunction can be addressed with this modality.

The Emotional Clearing Process can augment or surpass other emotionally-based modalities such as EMDR and EFT by giving the therapist an in-depth approach which does not just mechanically apply techniques. ECP can deepen and extend your capacity to work with feelings, and provides a holistic East/West framework that many clients now seek.

The Emotional Clearing Process starts with the assumption that we are prevented from obtaining happiness by trapped negative feeling energy within. When these negative feelings are released, we easily achieve our goals and find contentment. On the contrary, if the feelings are not released, no matter how hard we try to improve ourselves or how hard we work, we will be limited in our success.

ECP is a cutting-edge, feeling-oriented, inner-directed system to access and release the negative subconscious. It is in stark contrast to left-brain, "cognitive" types of therapy. This training develops right-brain, feeling-oriented skills in the practitioner, enabling them to confidently engage and guide a client on a deep, inner, subjective feeling level, where true psychological healing takes place. The system seamlessly integrates foundational Eastern metaphysical concepts such as the chakra system, body/mind energetics and other esoteric principles with classic humanistic Western psychological concepts such as the subconscious shadow and the projection mechanism.

The paradigm of the Emotional Clearing Process: The cause of dysfunction, depression, various mental/emotional disorders and self-limiting patterns of behavior is the containment of and unconscious defense against unreleased psychic-emotional feeling energy trapped in the subconscious bodymind.

Bringing the subconscious, suppressed energy into consciousness will effect the release. The release is caused by the true experiencing of the feelings - not necessarily or primarily by expressing the feelings. Experiencing completes the cycle, and the energy is exhausted.

Accessing an altered-state, right-brained mode of awareness puts us in touch with subconscious, suppressed material, and enables us to be at peace with the most difficult feelings. Left brain functions - thinking, analyzing, willfulness - must yield to right brain functions - feeling, intuiting, surrendering, transcending - for the process to proceed.

The five steps of the Emotional Clearing Process provide a working matrix for the resolution of the suppression: Deep Relaxation, Awareness, Acceptance, Direct Experience, Witnessing. The Emotional Clearing Process is not discussion; it is an experience - the experience of the suppressed subconscious in Alpha. It is primarily through total acceptance of what is, on the feeling level, that we facilitate the experiencing, and set the stage for change to occur spontaneously.

Available training types: 8 Week In-Person via Skype Program
Cost: $950

About the Founder(s)

  • 'John Ruskan

    John Ruskan

    For over 40 years now, John Ruskan has maintained a dedicated yoga and meditation practice aimed at inner unfoldment. In 1994, he decided to share the expertise he has acquired throughout the years with the release of his book Emotional Clearing, which has been published in eight languages. This work presents John’s startlingly innovative, East/West method for resolving emotional-feeling issues as part of the enlightenment quest. Soon after the release of the book, John started counseling others. He has been training Emotional Clearing Facilitators for the past 15 years, so that they too may bring this exciting inner healing process to the world. His work has been highly praised by experts in the field.

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