Telemental Health Distance Therapy Training

TeleMental Health Institute


Year Founded: 1994

Model of Therapy: TeleMentalHealth

Available training types: Web based

The TeleMental Health Institute, Inc.
Founded in 1994 by a group of multi-disciplinary legal and health professionals working in the field of telehealth, the TeleMental Health Institute, Inc.,  provides an innovative concentration for both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training.  Its primary focus is to specifically address the developing challenges and opportunities which technology in mental health care provides, including:

•    telepsychiatry
•    telepsychology
•    online counseling
•    online therapy
•    virtual reality
•    social media
•    self help
•    mHealth  (including applications for smartphone technology such as iPhone "apps")

The TeleMental Health Institute’s vision and mission is to cultivate and inspire continued innovation in mental health telepractice by using legally and ethically sound  systems, protocols and technologies which have been proven through research.

It partners with various academic institutions which strive to offer state-of-the-art training to all students interested in the use of technology to develop and expand upon their mental health interests via the legal, ethical, and responsible use of technologies in all the many areas of health care. The TeleMental Health Institute offers the mental health field's first Certificate training program for CEUs (continuing education units), through a cutting-edge, multi-modal learning environment which maximizes the each student's learning experience and interaction, both with the materials, and each other.

About the Founder(s)

  • 'Dr. Marlene Maheu

    Dr. Marlene Maheu

    Dr. Marlene M. Maheu, PhD, is the director of TeleMental Health, as well as the founder of SelfhelpMagazine, one of the Internet's very first mental health sites. Dr. Maheu started SelfhelpMagazine in order to bring the science of psychology to people in the comfort of their own homes.  This goal was able to be achieved mainly via the use of Distance Therapy. This exciting new methodology is a direct result of the increasing connectivity which continued advancements in internet technology allows for, and allows therapists to reach a wider-range of clientele both locally and globally.

  • Founder / Lead Developer: Dr. Marlene Maheu
  • Executive Director: Dr. Marlene Maheu
  • Address: 711 S. Carson St. Suite 6 Carson City, NV
  • Phone: (619) 928-2627
  • Website:

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