is excited to announce our sponsorship of the Good Therapy Foundation, a non-profit mental health organization founded in 2010.


To provide access to pro-bono and reduced fee services for people in need of psychotherapy and counseling in the United States.


The well-being of society as a whole suffers when segments of our population have little or no opportunity to receive counseling, psychotherapy, and other mental health services. The Good Therapy Foundation intends to make the vision for equal-access and affordable mental health services a reality; with the intention of improving relationships and personal mental health for society at large.


  • Healthy and ethical psychotherapy practices.
  • Collaborative approaches between therapists and clients.
  • Clients as active participants in their own mental health.
  • Education to reduce stigma and improve the outcome of services.
  • Innovation and improvement of access to mental health care.

Additional Information

  • The Good Therapy Foundation is currently in the process of recruiting a Board of Directors, applying for tax exempt status from the IRS, and seeking resources for fund development.
  • On July 1, 2011, The Good Therapy Foundation announced its first ever Therapy Award Scholarship, a contest that awards 6 months of free therapy, a prize valued at up to $2,400. The Foundation was pleased to announce a recipient in August 2011.

Contact Us

For questions, comments, making donations, or to get involved, please contact the Good Therapy Foundation through the support form.