Soul-centered psychiatry was developed by John L. Bolling, MD. It incorporates years of multidimensional and cultural insight, research, education, and findings into one effective model. The basis of this model is founded on the “magic circle” of the Mandala as the symbol of the soul and relies on an ever-changing process of psycho-spiritual growth.

Multicultural Technique of Soul-Centered Psychiatry

This technique strives to integrate cultural, spiritual, ethnic, and inner development methods that are rarely seen in other forms of therapy. Eurocentric theories of psychology often fail to address ethnic and cultural underpinnings which are extremely relevant issues for clients who are members of the “Soul-Culture.” As a result, many ethnic groups feel underserved by traditional psychotherapy because they are unable to identify with the concepts introduced and the contexts used within traditional mainstream psychology. Therefore, there is a disparity between the number of people within these groups who need clinical therapy and the number of clients who seek treatment.

Treating Socio-Cultural Issues

The method of soul-centered psychiatry serves a vital purpose for addressing socio-cultural issues found within an individual, couple, family, or group. This specialized form of therapy is particularly useful when the dynamics of a community have been disrupted due to disaster, violence, or other sort of trauma. Each person who is affected by this event may not think to seek help through other means. This technique allows for a clinical presence in times when people need it most.

Soul-Centered Divorce

Soul-centered psychotherapy can provide great relief to people going through a divorce. Whether individually or in group sessions, this approach helps an individual develop their core strengths so that they can emerge from the difficult process of divorce as a stronger, healthier person. Soul centered divorce programs provide therapy designed to offer support, guidance and hope. Additionally, soul-centered divorce therapy is especially helpful because it offers a confidential, safe, and encouraging environment in which to share frustrations, hurts, and fears. A therapist who practices soul-centered techniques will be able to offer strategies that a person can use to develop a new relationship with him or herself and move forward into their new life empowered with confidence, courage, and hope.

Effectiveness of Soul-Centered Psychiatry

Soul-centered psychiatry is an effective way for members of unique cultural sectors to experience the peer bond between therapist and client. When the client seeks treatment from someone who is physically like them and who has a full, genuine appreciation of their origins--the element of trust and acceptance is immediate and authentic. This allows the therapy to thrive and the client to reach a place of healing.