Suicide Awareness Voice of Education was incorporated in 1990 and founded by Adina Wrobleski, a nationally known suicidologist who lost her own daughter to suicide in 1979. Wrobleski worked as the Executive Director of SAVE for 10 years with an all-volunteer team. In 2001, SAVE launched an initiative to use the media and mass marketing to educate the public that suicide is a public health issue in dire need of addressing.

Information on includes lengthy educational materials on suicide prevention, depression, and the link between depression and suicide. Site visitors also can obtain information on how to cope with loss, find support groups across the country, read personal stories, and find other grief resources.

Since the inception of SAVE, numerous campaigns and educational programs have been implemented to increase awareness and prevent suicide. SAVE also works to reduce the stigma that surrounds depression and other mental health issues, and to encourage treatment and professional assessment.

SAVE works in communities of all sizes across the United States and in public and professional settings. School-based suicide prevention programs and educational events work to encourage students to seek help for themselves or others, as well as recognize the warning signs of suicidal ideation. SAVE also creates customized training programs for professionals including law enforcement personnel, medical professionals, clergy, teachers, and social services professionals.

At the forefront of suicide prevention, SAVE produces safe and effective public service announcements and provides website, print, radio, and television ads to media outlets seeking suicide awareness promotional materials at no cost. SAVE is a nonprofit organization that depends on public donations to support its mission. To donate, click here.