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America is a diverse nation, full of people from all backgrounds. However, many people experience stigma or discrimination due to their ethnicity, religion, disability, or other traits. Many marginalized individuals are reluctant to attend therapy for fear of opening themselves up to more prejudice. When they do seek treatment, it is vital for mental health professionals to help them feel safe.

Even when a therapist eschews any conscious prejudice, bias and misunderstandings can still influence the therapeutic relationship. Therapy requires that people be vulnerable, so marginalized individuals may be especially sensitive to microaggressions during treatment. Cultural sensitivity training can help professionals develop an inclusive, ethical, and effective practice.

Social workers, counselors, and psychologists can all be required to take continuing education courses to gain cultural competence. For instance, Alaska requires cultural competency training for a specific subpopulation (Native Alaskans). GoodTherapy offers many CE courses on cultural sensitivity. Topics include immigration, racism, gender diversity, and more.


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