Clinician Use of WeConcile® to Facilitate Couples Work

Presented by Jennifer Lehr, LMFT on 06-14-2019 at 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern) to 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern)

Working effectively with couples in therapy requires specialized clinical skills. Having couples take on their own learning outside of the therapy hour can enhance the efficacy of couples work. WeConcile® is a program that provides this learning to couples. It also provides the WeConcile® Clinician Guide, an extensive tool couples therapists can integrate into their practices. 

Through WeConcile®, couples learn about their perceptions and how they see each other and themselves. They delve into how their histories have impacted their ability to create a healthy relationship. They learn about their cycle actions that fuel their conflicts and the vulnerable needs and feelings that lie underneath. This learning opens new relationship vistas. It allows the couples more cognitive structure within which to process. It also enables the clinician more room for processing with the couple instead of using session time to educate the couple. The therapy session can become more productive because of the additional learning the couple is doing.

In this 2-hour web conference recording, Jennifer Lehr, LMFT will explain how clinicians can use WeConcile® as a tool in their couples therapy practice. Clinicians will learn the phases and steps of bringing the couple from cognitive understanding to vulnerable sharing and connection. Clinicians will learn the 24 levels of content, including “Relationship Basics,” “The Cycle,” “Attachment: A New Lens,” and “What Are Your Feelings?” as well as be guided on the process of couples therapy. At the end of this web conference, clinicians will feel more empowered to work with couples and understand how to use this educational program to make their couples work more effective and powerful. 

This webinar recording is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Recognize the role of couples education in increasing client success when treating couples.
  2. Analyze how the WeConcile® couples educational system utilizes couples’ modalities. 
  3. Utilize a Cycle Dashboard exercise to help clients identify deeper feelings and attachment needs underneath their surface feelings and triggers.
  4. Utilize a Relation Ability Vital Statistics exercise diagnostically to help clients pinpoint where their relationship is strong and where they are struggling. 
  5. Describe how to help the couple move from cognitive communication to more vulnerable communication.

Statement of program material's accuracy, utility, and risks: At this time, there is no statistical evidence or conclusive research regarding WeConcile®'s utility or effectiveness.

Declaration of conflicts of interest and commercial support: WeConcile® is Jennifer Lehr's creation and Lehr will commercially benefit from any sales of the program.

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Meet the Presenter

Jennifer Lehr, LMFT

Jennifer Lehr, LMFT

Jennifer Lehr is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Jennifer has an extensive background in the visual arts, the creative process, and mindfulness. She obtained her master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. 

Jennifer has extensive training in Intersubjectivity, Relational Gestalt, and Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. Her ability to work with couples and her passion for relational wellness, led her to found WeConcile® - Love Happily Ever After. WeConcile® is an educational journey for couples to guide them to greater connection, trust, and intimacy. She has also created the WeConcile® Guide for Clinicians

Jennifer has authored numerous online publications as well as print publications. She recently wrote “Becoming Adult: The Role of Education in Couples Therapy,” published in Family Therapist Magazine. She also wrote, The Magic Cake - The Seven Ingredients of a Relationship-Ready Person. She is currently writing a 2-hour CEU course: “Clinician Use of WeConcile® to Facilitate Couples Work” and has written a 6-hour CEU course: “Becoming a Couple’s Therapist.” She has two blogs on her website at

In addition to Jennifer’s mission to use her clinical skills for the benefit of couples and couples therapists, Jennifer’s writing brings clarity to others on self and relational healing. She also runs creativity-based healing groups with a focus on developing intuition and self-understanding. 

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