Integral Psychotherapy

Integral Psychotherapy

Integral psychotherapy incorporates elements that target unique and distinct aspects of human development, including creative, emotional, psychosocial, and physical. The unifying denominator for all elements is the underlying foundation in spiritual and meditative techniques. Through the practice of introspection and dissection, a client can come to know how they fit into the social scheme that presents itself in their life. Each client will possess different emotions relative to what they feel their role is, what needs remain unfulfilled, and what purpose they aspire to. Once these key components are identified, a therapist can work with a client to address and resolve each issue in order to provide the client with a sense of significance to themselves and others.

Blended Techniques of Integral Psychotherapy

This unique form of depth psychotherapy marries eastern spiritual insight with western depth psychology to provide growth and wellness as a result of a total spiritual process. This therapy method blends relational, traditional, and holistic techniques to achieve maximum healing. Additionally, integral psychotherapy is believed to provide a foundation of insight into the relationship between evolution and the consciousness of being and cultural conditions. Business, medicine, sports, spirituality, and psychology all come together in this integrated form of psychotherapy that focuses on the evolution of consciousness. It was developed by Sri Aurobindo, Haridas Chaudhuri, Ken Wilber, and Dr. John Rowan. 

Method of Integral Psychotherapy

This method of therapy is unique to each individual and therapists are encouraged to select varying elements to implement in therapeutic sessions based on the needs of the client. Many different techniques are used, including yoga, meditation, and reflective thinking, allowing the client to go internally to find answers that will affect change on an external level. As the client realizes the alterations that need to be made, the therapist and client work together to create a formula that can be incorporated into the circumstances that are present in the client’s emotional, cultural, and social scenario at the time of treatment. Integral Psychotherapy aims to instill a sense of completeness and wholeness in the client through evolution and cultural transformation.

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