Pathological narcissism can be one of the hardest conditions for therapists to work with, but a spate of recent research has transformed clinicians' understanding of the condition and how to treat it. For example, research indicates there are many different presentations for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and unhealthy narcissism. The variety in presentations of the condition can be overwhelming for clinicians to track, and unreliability in clinical diagnoses are among the many reasons NPD was nearly eliminated from the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5).

Healthy and unhealthy narcissism both become easier to understand when viewed on a continuum. Pathological narcissism is a normal, pervasive human tendency—the drive to feel special—grown wildly out of control. During this two-hour continuing education web conference, Dr. Craig Malkin will present evidence from his research on the Narcissism Spectrum Scale (NSS) for the validity of this perspective and the many clinical implications, including the importance of attachment and experiential frameworks in the treatment process.

This introductory instructional level course is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Define narcissism and describe the narcissism spectrum and how healthy narcissism becomes pathological.
  2. Critique the claims of “a narcissism epidemic” using the latest research on the condition.
  3. Recognize the traits of people who struggle with narcissism deficits, or “echoism."
  4. Identify the defenses common to most people with narcissism and empower those individuals to cope in healthy ways.
  5. List three evidence-based strategies to help people recognize and safely cope with unhealthy narcissism in others.

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Event Reviews from Members

Just great: knowledgeable, not pompous, funny, and open to questions and comments. - Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

​​It was well done and worth my time. - Sirkka Vandergraaf, MA C Psych

Meet the Presenter

Craig Malkin, PhD

Dr. Craig Malkin is a clinical psychologist, lecturer for Harvard Medical School, and author of the acclaimed Rethinking Narcissism, which was named Amazon's Book of the Month and Daily Mail's Book of the Week. His experience helping individuals, couples, and families spans two decades, and his articles, advice, and relationship insights have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Time, The New York Times, The Sunday TimesWomen’s Health, Huffington Post, and Happen Magazine, as well as a number of other popular print and online media outlets. Dr. Malkin has also been featured on NPR, CBS Radio, the Oprah Winfrey Network channel, and various local morning shows and radio programs. Dr. Malkin is president and director of the Cambridge, Massachusetts–based YM Psychotherapy and Consultation, Inc., which provides psychotherapy and evidence-based couples workshops and currently resides in Boston with his wife and twin girls. For more information about Dr. Craig Malkin and his work, please visit

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