The one truth in the world of psychotherapy and interpersonal dynamics is that all meaning is made up.

As therapists, we help people in therapy explore how they make meaning.

The meaning that our clients make creates exactly the lives that they have today. When we help people alter the meaning of one event in their lives, it's comparable to giving them a meal—temporary sustenance. When we teach people how they can change meaning independently, we are teaching them how to feed themselves.

The extraordinary thing about our work as therapists is that we can help people learn to make meaning in ways that are constructive, healing, and empowering. Our single greatest tool is our ability to help our clients shape not only the meaning of their lives, but the meaning that they make moment to moment.

But most of us never had a class or a practicum in "how to make meaning." We do some of it instinctively. Some of us have learned how to reframe, or use techniques like NLP's Perceptual Positions, or EMDR, which alters meaning though we aren't sure exactly how it works.

This web conference will help you learn to be more intentional and skilled in helping your clients shape the meaning of the events in their lives. The approach you will learn is based on the pioneering work of John Weir, PhD, professor of psychology at Caltech during the 1960s. Dr. Weir created a linguistic technique, originally called Percept, which is now known as ReSpeak. After Dr. Weir retired at the age of 85, he spent the next six years mentoring Jake Eagle who is one of the stewards of Dr. Weir's legacy.

This intermediate, instructional level web conference is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Demonstrate how language can be used as a mindfulness practice.

  2. Determine how to model a way of speaking that invites clients to take responsibility for their feelings.

  3. Discover how to shift from a victim/perpetrator language pattern to an empowerment language pattern.

  4. Explain how to disconnect present events from historical interpretations of those events.

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Registration Information

This web conference is available at no cost to members.

Event Reviews from Members

Very thought-provoking. - Bruce Campbell, LMFT

Great information about how to model a way of speaking that invites clients to take responsibility for their feelings. - Patzia Gonzalez, RP, DCEP

Jake is very passionate about his subject. Inspirational. - Erik Rostamian, LSW

Loved being reminded of the use of language as a tool in counseling and the specific utilization of ReSpeak approaches. - Catherine Gruener, LCPC, NCC

Meet the Presenter

Jake Eagle, LPC

Jake Eagle is a licensed mental health counselor and co-founder of He is the author of ReRight Your Life, An Introduction to Reology, as well as co-author of Holistic NLP for Japan. Eagle is also the creator of Dating Relating Mating: The Ultimate Relationship Program.

Jake has been in private practice for 22 years. He blogs regularly on the topic of psychotherapy, and co-founded NLP Santa Fe in 1994. He studied for four years with a master therapist who spent his life living in the remote desert, and then worked for another six years with two other pioneers that had devoted their life to what is now known as Reology.

Jake and his wife Hannah Eagle, who is a homeopath, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They co-lead retreats for therapists and laypeople at various locations around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit