George Hage,Ed. D., Ph. D., LCMHC, LCMHCS

George Hage,Ed. D., Ph. D., LCMHC, LCMHCS

Telehealth Available
Professions: Psychotherapist, Mental Health Counselor, Other
License Status: I'm a licensed professional.
Primary Credential: LCMHCS - S2165
Billing and Insurance:
Fees: $30-$70 per session out of pocket. Close variations of this fee range are negotiable and may be based on sliding scale.

$0 per initial telephone consultation

I offer clinical supervision for LCMHCA's at $45-$55 per hour session.

I offer a ministry of counseling. Therefore I accept clients according to need, and work with their ability level to pay for services. I do my best to not turn potential clients away. All clients who want to work with me are welcome regardless of their income level. This ministry is not through a church but through me as legitimately ordained and in pastoral service since 1984. I welcome all regardless of spiritual or non-spiritual background.
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3153 Reynolda Road NW
The Counseling Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106

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My Approach to Helping

I have been involved in the counseling field for approximately 33 years. I execise counseling as a ministry to all who see the need to work with me. I welcome all regardless of income level and ability to pay. I have learned that much of the pain and suffering we experience is the way of seeing ourselves and our trials and struggles. Some of the great spiritualities such as Buddhism teach that we can reach the point of no suffering while others such as Christianity and Judaism traditionally teach that suffering remains with us. However, I am sure that we can minimize pain and feelings of suffering that we undergo in struggles. As a therapist and counselor, I empower your awareness of emotions and thoughts to the point of finding the wisdom of managing them and changing them. For example, we may undergo the trial and pain struggles and challenges, but the end of counseling is to minimize the extraneous pain and suffering that comes through fearful thoughts and emotions that plague us to the point of seeing and feeling the worst that could happen to us. But in reality, that worst is uncertain. It is often what we think we see coming, and this thought is empowered by our belief in the worst that will surely happen. The end of counseling here is raising your awareness of seeing "this" as merely thought and belief and not the substance of reality. Furthermore, the approach applied is guiding you to remove all of "this" extraneous "stuff" so that you may focus on the healing of your true heart or cancer condition. This basic principle applies to all of our trials and struggles no matter how great or small.

I primarily counsel with adult men and women who are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, as well as those who have attention deficits. I also work with individuals struggling to find the big picture of their lives and are struggling to identify their core values, are “failing to launch,” are having a mid-life crisis, are struggling to adapt to retirement, or are having a crisis of faith. I work with older teens (16+) who are having school related problems, are suffering from anxiety or depression or who have attention deficit disorder. My work with teen boys may take the form of individual therapy with the teen, family therapy that includes the teen and his parents, or “parent coaching.” Over the years, I effectively served clients with behavior and learning problems, clients seeking change in their lives vocationally, educationally, and relationally, clients with family dysfunctions, clients with spiritual, developmental, social, and cultural issues, clients with mild substance abuse issues, and clients who are seeking overall self-improvement and wellbeing. I well as my willingness to work with women who feel that I can help them, I will accept younger teens if they and their parents feel that I can help them.

I am available should you have the Licensed Professional Counselor Associate credential and are needing to seek clinical supervision for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential. I have been involved in clinical supervision since 2008.

I apply counseling techniques from varied spiritual schools including mindfulness, prayer, meditation, biblical and mystical Judaeo-Christian techniques that have been applied toward holistic growth and well-being since ancient times. Relatively, I apply principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Therapy, Person Center Therapy, and Logo Therapy which actually plug into the techniques of antiquity.

I have written books, among which are Seeking Wisdom: A Quest in Poetry which conveys the power of poetry and scripture in counseling through personal wisdom quests of the counselor. Counseling and Creativity: Reflections is a personality study that treats counseling as a fine art. Reconciliation: Toward Creative Counseling and Education provides a creative method to counseling for the purpose of finding connections in differences and oppositions. Consciousness, Culture, and Healing (with Suzanne Deakins) treats counseling as a form of healing in the context of the American cultural consciousness, and A Parent’s Guide to Holistic Education (with Suzanne Deakins) is a companion for Reconciliation; it focuses and clarifies Reconciliation as a means of attaining holistic counseling and education. A lately written and published work is The Heart of Mother. This demonstrates the wisdom and experience of mothers displayed though the counseling process. Lately published, is a dissertation written by myself during graduate school for the degree Doctor of Education. It is entitled A Symbolic Analysis of The Dimensions of Holiness in American Culture and Curriculum: Toward a Symbolic Synthesis of Wholeness. This study displays the psychodynamics of the implicit domain of American culture and curriculum. Having applied the structural method of analysis, the current dis-eased culture of hierarchical binary oppositions is displayed, and a synthesis of healing and wholeness though the eternal circle is posited. This work provides the foundation of my work as a counselor, educator, and writer. You may see my books and lucid descriptions of them on Go to that browser and type in each title and author, George Campbell Hage.

I hold doctoral degrees in education, curriculum and teaching (Ed. D.), and theology, Eastern Orthodox Studies (Ph. D.). I have taught in the community and have served in the ordained clergy of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ in North Carolina from which I am retired and am now serving in a local Eastern Orthodox Church. Thank you for considering me as your counselor and therapist.

More Info About My Practice

During the Corona Virus pandemic, I am offering spiritual mental health counseling treating anxiety, fear, and panic to client. You may reach me by phone or email. I will see you physically and will work with you online through a virtual platform. Also, I will work with you by phone. If texting is needed, it will be done through an encrypted system as well. When meeting in-office, I am observing all restrictions including distancing, and masks are provided if needed.

Specific Issue(s) I'm Skilled at Helping With

Dear Client, thank you for reaching out to me. I am responding to your desire to feel better in the face of your feelings of loneliness. You express deep fear of being alone through your life forever. You are confusing aloneness with loneliness. I suggest that you look into the definitions of the two concepts. The first refers to not being with another person or animal; whereas the second indicates a psychological feeling of emptiness and distress, occurring when perceived social relationships are lacking in your life. Hence, your distress and sadness are manifesting depression.

However, at this point, you must be alone with seeking the good of being alone. First rest in the present by seeking to enjoy the Now and placing your past aside. Step out of your memories of your parents? beliefs about marriage and work by accepting them as they were through making peace with them. Refuse to define yourself by the lives and supposed successes of others. Meditate to become aware of all thoughts and feelings that lead you to negatively comparative self-talk. Find fulfillment in your own talents and abilities. Seek stillness, rest, and comfort with yourself as you are. Seek community involvements and groups that support singles. Limit your time on your job while seeking productivity and worthwhileness in yourself.

In all, therapy sessions will help you to grow in this manner. That way, once you find certainty and rest in yourself, you will best be prepared for attracting partnerships toward marriage. In fact, you will most likely be freed from the emptiness and distress that may be repelling other potential partnerships from you. My best to you.

How Psychotherapy Can Help

Dear Client, psychotherapy through treating the human spirit and soul can open your eyes to discern the differnece between true and false self. Often our anxieties, depressions, and other mental health issues with addiction relate to the shadows of your past which has become the veil of your ego. This is your personalized self denoting your history in the form of a jigsaw puzzle comprising your memory banks. As a small child, you had very little to no ego, and where therefore governed by your spirit the image of God in you. This was your true self, which through the struggles puberty, became veiled by the ego, which is at least 95% unconsciousness while leaving only at the most 5% consciousness or awareness. Hence, you find yourself a slave to blind impulses leading to many mistaken decisions that engender the many trials of your life. In this state of affairs, you find yourself a slave to anxiety, depression, anger, unnecessary sadness, mood swings, overthinking and over-feeling, and even hallucinations and delusions. Spiritual counseling can guide you to awakeneing from the darkness of your egoic veil to the Light of increasing conscious awareness through which you experience healing from all mental health and addiction issues.

Ages I Work With

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders


  • English

Groups I Work With

    I work with men and women, ages 16-Senior Years. I treat adjustment issues relative to job change, occupational struggels, school struggles, marital and partnership struggles, school and moving transitions, career decision making, and many other challenges to one's life. Focusing on Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Mood fluctuations, the self-concept, spiritual challenges, and cultural, social, and environmental struggles. My specialization is toward all who feel that they may also be helped by my services. My service of counseling is a ministry to all regardless of income level, ethnicity, culture, race, and religious or nonreligious belief. I have spent years working with African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Caucasian Americans as well as nationals from many parts of the world. Although English is my native language, I have grown up in an ethnically Middle Eastern home, and understand the struggles of first generation ethnic peoples on our shores. Though English is my language, I reach out to all.

Client Concerns I Treat

  • Academic Concerns
  • Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions
  • Adoption / Reunion Issues
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Child and/or Adolescent Issues
  • Codependency / Dependency
  • Depression
  • Divorce / Divorce Adjustment

Types of Therapy

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