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Psychological tests are part of the field of psychology known as psychometrics. Psychometrics measures behavior, personality, and aptitude using surveys. After a person has completed the survey, their answers are scaled to provide a general overview of their personal characteristics.

People often have a difficult time accurately assessing their own behavior and understanding how their behavior causes other people to perceive them. Psychological testing allows people the opportunity to get a glimpse of how they appear to the outside world based on answers to very specific questions about behavior, attitudes, history, and preferences. Test questions often ask people to think about specific types of interactions, which can make it easier to assess behavior.

Online psychological tests rely on self-reports, and this is an inherent limitation of the tests. Many people have a positive bias when examining their own behavior and tend to see their own behaviors in the best possible light. Thus, in order to get the most accurate assessment, it is important to answer questions as honestly as possible. Focus on answering questions based upon what you actually think and do, not based upon what you wish you do or hope other people think you do. An honest assessment of your personality can be challenging and surprising, but is also a powerful opportunity for changing problematic behaviors, growing psychologically, and understanding why you do the things you do. These tests are completely anonymous, and your results will never be used for anything other than giving you a measure of your unique strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to note that the field of psychometrics remains controversial and not all psychologists agree about its validity or relevance. Because there are only a limited number of answers available for each question, there might not be an answer that perfectly matches your response to a particular question. Choose the best answer possible. Test results can change over time based on new experiences, additional education, and other factors. Thus you should not view your results as permanent, unalterable representations of your personality. Instead, psychological tests are best understood as a measure of how you are right now, based on your own self-report and the limitations of the test. These online self-report tests should not be used to diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

Take a Psychology Test Today:

The Career Personality and Aptitude Test can help you discover not only your career-related interests, but how these interests compare with your skills. In the process, you may discover career options and skills you never knew you had!

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The Emotional Intelligence Test provides information about your emotional intelligence – commonly called Emotional IQ. Emotional intelligence can be a significant predictor of both career and interpersonal satisfaction, because emotional interactions are necessary in almost every area of life.

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The Interpersonal Communication Skills Test focuses on communication with others, and can provide you with information about your specific communication weaknesses and strengths, giving you an opportunity to change your behavior if desired.

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