Whether you have had your practice website up and running for a while or it is relatively new, it can be challenging to grow your private practice without professional website design and branding support. If your web presence is not attracting ideal clients for your private practice, your time, energy, and money may be going to waste. 

In this 90-minute marketing webinar, Perry Rosenbloom, the CEO and Founder of Brighter Vision, will provide helpful website best practices that you can implement today to help attract your ideal clients, turn website visitors into clients, and increase your rankings in search engine results. Perry will discuss topics including the benefits of personalizing your website and how design choices can make or break its success. He will explain the use of soft selling on your website to gain the trust of visitors and grow your private practice. 

Perry will also describe the use of call to action buttons and why including keywords throughout your website can help with ranking on search engines. Each topic presented will be accompanied by actionable steps you can incorporate into your website after watching this webinar.

This marketing webinar is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Practice personalizing a website and understand the benefits behind it.
  2. Explain soft selling on websites to gain the trust of visitors.
  3. Create a sense of urgency with the use of call to action buttons.
  4. Use design choices that can optimize a website.
  5. Utilize keywords throughout a website to help with ranking on search engines.

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Meet the Presenter

Perry Rosenbloom

Perry Rosenbloom is the CEO and Founder of Brighter Vision, a worldwide leader in custom therapist website design. Perry's vision and experience in the web development industry have helped Brighter Vision become a reliable, high-quality product and service for 1000s of mental health professionals. Having worked directly with his team and the mental health practitioners they serve to develop customized, effective websites, Perry is uniquely positioned to speak to the best strategies for designing and optimizing a private practice website. Learn more about Perry and his work at www.brightervision.com.