How do we bring out the best in our private practice when we are unable to attract our ideal clients? What if we feel financially strapped and worried about where our next referral will come from? Working within our desired expertise, connecting with our ideal clients, and operating from a place of abundance sets the stage to bring out the best in the individuals we are helping. Many professionals work full-time agency jobs to support their private practice “hobby,” while others may not venture out to start their own business because of fear. Why are some mental health professionals afraid and unsuccessful?

In this 90-minute marketing webinar, private practice entrepreneur Heather Holmgren, LMFT will dispel common myths associated with starting a private practice such as:

Heather will describe how therapists sometimes scare themselves into thinking managing a private practice is harder than it really is. Many tips are published online, but no known research exists to support the difficulty of practice starting and building, or the ease of it. People in private practice tend not to share what is working for them, ultimately perpetuating the notion that it is simply too hard to succeed. During this webinar, Heather will share the basic steps to starting a private practice as well the "trade secrets" of building a private practice that is successful.

This marketing webinar is designed to help clinicians:

  1. Recognize one of the biggest barriers to practice building.
  2. Identify the steps of practice building, including basic start-up costs and how much income is required to sustain a practice. 
  3. Assess how money and time should be spent in practice building and advertising.  
  4. Explain the “musts” of online marketing and seven “secrets” to being noticed by potential clients and referral sources. 
  5. List three basics of client appeal. 

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Meet the Presenter

Heather Holmgren, LMFT

Heather Holmgren is a licensed marriage and family therapist and private practice entrepreneur. Two years after starting her practice, Heather has three employees, a beautiful downtown office in Salt Lake City, and is moving towards a 100% private-pay model. She started her private practice with just $700, has never gone into debt, and spends about $75 a month on marketing. She has a passion for sharing her practice success strategies with other therapists.

You can learn more about Heather and her work on her website at or connect with her on Twitter @thesimplemodern, Facebook @SimpleModernTherapy, Instagram @monday.muse, and LinkedIn at Heather H. Holmgren, LMFT.