John Rhead

John Rhead

John Rhead, Ph.D., Frequent Contributor: Spirituality & Psychotherapy
John Rhead, Ph.D., Frequent Contributor: Spirituality & Psychotherapy

Born in Utah and raised in Colorado, I was a psychologist by the time I was 10. It took a few more years to get degrees to prove this to others, and in getting these degrees I found myself drawn toward psychotherapy. I have also been a spiritual and philosophical seeker for as long as I can remember, initially in an attempt to understand and ameliorate my own suffering, and later out of pure fascination as well as a desire to find for myself, and to help others find, more joy and meaning in life. In his regular column, John shares his experiences and insights related to "Integrating Spirituality and Psychotherapy." More about John and his contact info can be found at or his Profile

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