Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson - Non-Profit Development Officer
Evan Johnson - Director of Advocacy

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and later attended Sagewalk the Outdoor School, a wilderness survival and emotional growth program for teens. There, I experienced a life changing rite of passage, a deep respect for nature, and a passionate interest in psychology and mental health. This experience, paired with my discovery of a love for musical performance and acting, led me to studying theater, music, and social sciences at Pacific University.  I went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in liberal arts and science from The Evergreen State College. My life journey has taken me on some exciting adventures, including serving as a commissioned Park Ranger and Manager for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, and working on the Sustainable Prisons Project at the Washington State Department of Corrections, where I helped to connect prisons with nature, promote environmental sustainability, and reduce recidivism rates for incarcerated people.  While earning a Master of Public Administration degree at The Evergreen State College, I joined the GoodTherapy.org team where I feel honored and excited to bring over eight years of experience in public service, and to be a part of the creative energy and collaboration involved in advocacy and outreach, marketing, partnerships, and non-profit development of the Good Therapy Foundation. For pleasure, I enjoy acting and comedic improvisation; drumming, recording, and music performance; watching films and attending live concerts; gardening and growing food; connecting with friends and family; and exploring the great outdoors by way of camping, hiking, biking, running, and more!

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