International Study Finds Marriage Is Good for Mental Health

The positive effects of a marriage can often be seen in the happy countenances of newlyweds as well as in the lifespans and contentment of older couples who have been married for a significant amount of time. The notion that marriage is good for one’s mental health isn’t entirely new, but the recently published results of a study based on information from nearly 35,000 people across 15 countries shows concrete indications that being married is bound to lower risks of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health concerns. The study, led by a clinical psychologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand, examined rates of various mental health issues among couples who were married, as well as those who had been divorced or whose marriages had ended through other means.

The data, which was collected from an extensive survey sponsored by the World Health Organization, showed that couples who were married experienced greater overall mental health, and that men as well as women stood to gain from these benefits. Women in particular were less likely than men to participate in substance abuse if they were married, a gender difference possibly explained by domestic roles and child rearing within committed relationships. The data also showed that when couples split up, either through divorce, separation, or the death of a partner, rates of mental health concerns rose, as did concerns regarding substance abuse.

The results may help those in the mental health professions improve the quality of their care for both couples and those who have recently split or who are experiencing psychological difficulties as a result. Through a greater understanding of the mental environment surrounding marriage, professionals may be able to serve their clients with greater precision.

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  • emma f.

    emma f.

    December 16th, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    It is always nice to have somebody who you can call your own without apprehensions or any doubt. This kind of an assurance is never present in a relationship and can be got only in a marriage. The very feeling of being able to lean on someone when you need a shoulder is just incredible! :)

  • bethany


    December 16th, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    Yay! So nice to finally see something good written about the institution of marriage. I always feel like there are those who are so down on it just because they have not had a good experience with their own marriages. But I do think that it is unfair of them to always bad mouth being married and to imply thta they are happier without being married. I don’t know maybe they are but I do know that I have never been happier than the years I have spent with my husband and look forward ro many more together to come. He keeps me grounded and sane- it is too bad that not everyone can say that they have a relationship like this in their own lives to fall back on.

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