Residential Treatment Centers in New Mexico

  • Life Healing Center

    As a place of personal transformation for men and women ages 18 and older, Life Healing Center offers comprehensive residential programming for individuals who desire to overcome the challenges they face as the result of mental health concerns, traumatic experiences, and substance abuse issues.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00320 View Profile Santa Fe, NM 87506
  • You may also want to try a center in another location:

  • Black Bear Rehab

    Black Bear Lodge—nestled in the peaceful foothills of northern Georgia—provides a custom recovery experience for people with mental health and substance dependence issues.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00356 View Profile Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571
  • The Canyon at Santa Monica

    Located three-and-a-half miles from the beach in West Los Angeles, The Canyon at Santa Monica provides an exquisite healing oasis for individuals seeking recovery in an outpatient setting.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00377 View Profile Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Foundations Recovery Network

    Through clinical services, research and education we aim to provide the highest quality of comprehensive care for individuals with co-occurring chemical addiction and mental health issues in the United States.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00360 View Profile Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Timberline Knolls

    Created especially for adolescent girls and women aged 12 and older who are in need of superior care to heal from eating disorders, mood disorders, and substance use concerns, Timberline Knolls is a leading provider of holistic and transformative residential treatment located in Lemont, Illinois.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00315 View Profile Lemont, IL 60439

    Addiction recovery is a life-long process and no two people come to this point in life the same way. That is why we believe you should be treated from where you are, uniquely at your level of need. Kontinuum Care professionals use a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach to treating addictive disorders. You will experience great improvement in coping with grief, stress and triggers that will influence your addictive behaviors. At Kontinuum Care, we help you understand your addiction and work with you to rebuild family and social relationships through better communication and coping skills.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00266 View Profile Emeryville, CA 94608
  • Michael's House Outpatient Center

    Located near the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, California, Michael's House Outpatient Center provides a healing oasis for individuals seeking recovery in a unique, non-residential setting.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00365 View Profile Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • Talbott Recovery Dunwoody

    Talbott Recovery has two private substance abuse treatment centers in metro Atlanta and one in Columbus, Georgia offering compassionate and effective rehab treatment for patients and their families.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00370 View Profile Atlanta, GA 30349
  • Foundations Nashville

    Foundations Nashville, located in a historic home in one of Nashville’s oldest neighborhoods, is committed to providing confidential, responsive outpatient services.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00381 View Profile Nashville, TN 37210
  • Beachway Therapy Center

    Beachway Therapy Center is a family-owned, boutique-style treatment center offering holistic substance abuse treatment program that blends individual and group therapy with 12-step groups and alternative therapies such as spa services, equine therapy, and music to adult men and women.

    1-800-803-0635 ext. 00178 View Profile Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Discover the Mental Health Benefits of Rehab Centers in New Mexico

Residential treatment programs offer treatment for chronic behavioral, addiction, or mental health issues. For people affected by drug and alcohol abuse, for example, medically supervised detox services are employed, as well as counseling to address the underlying emotional concerns associated with addiction. These services, coupled with a distraction-free environment, can help a person heal when other treatments have not been successful. Outpatient rehab options may be available as well.

Although the term rehab is often thought of in conjunction with addiction treatment programs, many other serious mental health issues are treated through residential programs. People experiencing depression, for example, may benefit from spending time at depression treatment centers, and conditions such as schizophrenia, gambling addiction, disordered eating, and sex addiction are treated through facilities that specialize in those specific issues.

Mental Health Care in New Mexico

The 2013 Well-Being Index, published by Gallup-Healthways, lists New Mexico as 33rd in terms of overall well-being when compared to other states. Though the state was ranked in the fifth quintile for basic access (45th) and work environment (48th), it ranked in the first quintile for emotional health (8th) and healthy behaviors (4th).

New Mexico was ranked 46th overall in the 2014 Mental Health America (MHA) survey on the state of mental health care in the United States. New Mexico's overall ranking suggests that the state experiences a high prevalence of mental health problems and low rates of access to mental health care services. Based on MHA measures, New Mexico is one of five states that consistently received low scores in the overall ranking, adult ranking, and youth ranking categories. Out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, New Mexico was ranked 51st in the MHA need ranking, indicating that this state has the most urgent need for mental health care services.

New Mexico Census Information

Learning more about a state's population can help make a transition go smoother if you need to relocate for treatment. The state of New Mexico currently has a population of 2 million people. According to 2013 estimates, 83% of the population identifies as white, 10% of residents are American Indian or Alaska Native, 3% are black, and 2% are Asian. Almost 10% of residents were born in a foreign country. Minors make up 24% of the population, and seniors account for another 15%. Of residents over the age of 25, 84% have completed a high school education program, and 26% have earned at least a bachelor's degree. At present, 20% of people in New Mexico are living in poverty, compared to the 15% national average.


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