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Academic Concerns

In the course of many people's experiences as students, they will be affected by academic concerns. Whether elementary school age or middle aged, academic concerns impact how we live and the things we do. They can affect all areas of life--not just education--by creating undue stress and interfering with home, work, and play dimensions. Academic concerns are not just about that dreaded test or bad report card. They may be affecting someone you love or support financially and thus indirectly affecting you. Concerns of an academic nature can range anywhere from child bullying and aggressive behavior toward teachers or fellow students to difficulty or disabilities in learning.

Types of Academic Concerns

Academic concerns may include the following, among other things:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Lack of proper attention from school officials 
  • Bullying at school 
  • Inability to pay for schooling or lack of financial means 
  • Disinterest in topic(s) of study
  • Confusion about or misunderstanding of topic(s) of study  
  • Under-achievement in studies
  • Procrastination and time management issues


Psychotherapy for Academic Concerns

Psychotherapy and counseling can help relieve the stress of academic concerns. If concerns and problems continue to arise and build up due to academic stresses, counseling may be needed to help those affected cope in a healthy way. Psychotherapy can help determine the cause of the concerns or stresses, which may or may not be related to academics. It is entirely possible that academic struggles are caused in part by past traumatic experience, personal or family problems, financial issues, and much more. Psychotherapy can address those underlying issues and help correct them. Academic concerns that are academic in nature can often be improved by support from within the academic system--for example from a school counselor, advisor, or tutor.


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Last updated: 05-02-2014


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