Find the Best Child Psychologists in Seattle, WA

Find the Best Child Psychologists in Seattle, WA

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While some people may associate mental health care with adults or elderly individuals, it is important to consider how young people may also benefit from psychotherapy and forming a therapeutic relationship with a qualified therapist. The American Psychological Association reports that the need for child counseling services are generally first identified after parents, teachers, or guidance counselors become aware of maladaptive behaviors or impaired functioning in the children in their care. Child psychologists and child psychiatrists are highly trained mental health professionals who work specifically with adversely affected younger people. Child psychologists in Seattle can provide child therapy interventions that may assist young people with issues such as:

There are different therapeutic approaches a child psychologist may utilize in therapy. Common forms of psychotherapy include art therapy, play therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, and family therapy. Treatment may be delivered in group or individual settings depending on the needs of each child. For very young children, creative child therapy techniques such as doodling, drawing, painting, playing card games, or playing with hand puppets may be used in session.

While child psychiatrists and child psychologists may be keen to offer child counseling and appropriate forms of child behavioral therapy for young people in treatment, there may cases in which psychotherapy alone proves inadequate for some severely affected children. Psychologists may encourage the parents of these children to find a child psychiatrist in Seattle who is able to prescribe medications that may then be incorporated into the treatment process.


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