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Carol B. Williams

Carol B. Williams

Professions: Life Coach, Counselor
License Status: I'm a licensed professional.
Primary Credential: Licensed Professional Counselor
Verified Credentials
1-800-651-8085 ext. 27983
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Ponchatoula, Louisiana 70454
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400 Mariners Plaza St.
Mandeville, Louisiana 70470
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Billing and Insurance

Fees: Please contact me for more information because I will be able to verify your insurance coverage based on the information I provide. I can also provide you with documentation for out of network coverage so you can receive reimbursement. I also provide counseling services on a sliding scale based on verified income to provider. The least amount for a session is $65.00 and upward to $135.00. The fee is based on the service because family sessions may increase cost and/or length of session.
*I will provide a free phone initial phone consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Are you feeling that no one cares?
Do you feel like I don't have anyone I can talk to about this issue?
Do you feel no one understands?
Do you feel uncertain about your current issues?

Counseling Beyond Walls is a concept that allows you to decide the location in which you would like to receive services. I like to provide counseling in the most comfortable setting for my clients. I will meet you at your home, I have office space available for sessions in that setting, and/or any private space. We can go for a walk, meet in the park, and/or local coffee shop. I feel that in todays society people are very busy and I want you to feel comfortable with the time and/or hours that we can have a session. I want you to know that you may need a session to express and communicate your concerns. You may just need sessions for a tune up, more serious matters, and/or reassures that you are moving in the right direction. You may have unresolved issues from the past that you are uncomfortable talking to friends and/or families. I have over 15 years experience. I enjoy assisting people to find peace and happiness in their life. I want you to relieve some of your stress and have a safe unbiased place to go to discuss issues. I hope that you contact me for a free consultation and/or phone call. If you have a session I want you know that it is not a mandatory commitment. Counseling is a process and you have to feel comfortable with me and/or build a positive trusting relationship. It takes time to change behaviors and also an open environment to start the process. I hope that you find that we are a good fit and you are ready for building a new relationship.

Email or Call Carol B. Williams at 1-800-651-8085 ext. 27983

More Info About My Practice

Please contact me if you want more information about fees at I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gilsbar, Louisiana Healthcare Connection, and I am applying for credentialing with several other companies. You can always contact me if you are unsure about your insurance information and the services you can receive from that specific company. I will be able to check your coverage if you can provide specific information such as birthday, insurance number, and/or any other information requested to verify your coverage. I also accept self-pay. If you are willing to provide your income information that I will set up an income based scale fee structure.

On the Fence About Going to Therapy?

You can always call for a free phone consultation and/or schedule via email to determine if I am the right fit for your needs. After you have a consultation I work in the best interest of my clients and/or scope of practice so I can refer you to someone that is a better fit based on your needs. You may find that after a few sessions and establishment with a counselor that you gain a sense of comfort in talking to an unbiased professional

What I Say to People Concerned about the Therapy Process

Before We Start:

Approaching a new counselor can be a difficult process. You are welcome to call and ask any questions before you start therapy. Your first appointment can include time to get acquainted and explore how your concerns might be addressed in our work together

After clarifying your goals, we will talk about mutual expectations and how counseling will benefit you. I will be honest, supportive, and respectful to your challenges and personal goals. Therapy is an ongoing process and I will support your needs.

Why Going to Therapy Does Not Mean You are Weak or Flawed

The strongest quality of person is to be able to acknowledge what you can handle and to be able to acknowledge that you need help. It is okay to ask for help.
What would you think if a family member had cancer and did not go to the doctor?
If a person got into a car accident and did not go to the hospital?
You would say to that person that they need to seek medical help. You would probably take them to the hospital on your time to make sure they are okay. Why don't you deserve the opportunity to talk to someone about your concerns and/or worries? Do you deserve to be happy and content? Can you continue to give to others while functioning on empty? We live in such a fast pace and microwave society that people expect others to move on swiftly when dealing with life issues getting help does not make you weak and asking makes you strong. We have all survived difficult circumstances sometimes we just need some assistance to help these abilities develop.

The Duration and Frequency of Therapy

Are we meeting every week? Is this going to last forever?

It depends on your current issues and/or needs at the time. You may need a short term solution focused session and/or you may need to meet more regularly. It depends on the needs and/or wants for a specified issue. Our sessions may need to be weekly for the first month or two. You may need to meet one time biweekly. You may need a session once a month but this can be established based on present status. You can also become established as a client and contact me as problems arise and appear to be overwhelming.

It typically takes 6 sessions to actually make progress and establish a specific direction for treatment.

Psychotherapy sessions?

The sessions usually last for 45-60 minutes.

This decision will be a mutual decision based on your needs, current issues, and availability.

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