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  • Philip Kolba, MA

    Philip Kolba, MA

    Clinical Social Work, Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy

    Age groups I work with: Teens, Adults

    I typically do not diagnose except as required for insurance reimbursement. "Mental health disorders" are descriptions of psychological experiences that di"... read more

      Portland, OR

    Philip Kolba, MA Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 34143

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  • Marie Miller

    Marie Miller

    Marriage & Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Psychotherapy

    Age groups I work with: Teens, Adults

    I work with teen girls to help them feel empowered and strong. They learn to own their strengths, working with me on anxiety, depression, self-esteem, scho"... read more

      Tualatin, OR

    Marie Miller Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 32507

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  • Robert McLellarn, PhD

    Robert McLellarn, PhD

    Mental Health Counseling, Psychology

    Age groups I work with: Adults, Elders

    Choosing the right therapist can be a difficult task. Most people just call someone that a friend recommended, that their insurance company suggested or th"... read more

      Portland, OR

    Robert McLellarn, PhD Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 31559

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  • Gil Winkelman ND

    Gil Winkelman ND

    Counselling, Medicine, Naturopathy

    Age groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults

    Many people have problems that arise after a traumatic brain injury. This is more common than originally believed and often people don't connect their emot"... read more

      Portland, OR

    Gil Winkelman ND Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 30268

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  • Megan A. Wuest, MS, LPA

    Megan A. Wuest, MS, LPA

    Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Psychology

    Age groups I work with: Adults

    I see my role as a therapist as one that sets the conditions of safety, curiosity and hope within my space and myself. Then we work together to find your "... read more

      Eugene, OR

    Megan A. Wuest, MS, LPA Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 29736

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  • Jenny Kepler LMFT

    Jenny Kepler LMFT

    Counseling Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Other

    Age groups I work with: Children, Adults

    When you are in my care, I see a you as a person worthy of kindness and care, not a problem or puzzle to be solved. Whatever symptoms you may struggle with"... read more

      Portland, OR

    Jenny Kepler LMFT Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 29550

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  • Lorraine Storm MS, LPC

    Lorraine Storm MS, LPC

    Coaching, Counseling, Mental Health Counseling

    Age groups I work with: Teens, Adults

    If it's your first time seeking counseling, it can feel intimidating! The idea of telling a stranger your problems may seem strange at first, but you may f"... read more

      West Slope, OR

    Lorraine Storm MS, LPC Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 29420

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