Find the Best Child Psychologists in Chicago, IL

Find the Best Child Psychologists in Chicago, IL

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Parents with children affected by mental and behavioral health issues may consider trying to find a child psychologist. In Chicago, child psychologists and child psychiatrists are educated in and equipped with child therapy techniques. These may benefit children with minor behavioral health issues or severely affected children. According to the American Psychological Association, therapists may help young children and teenagers with issues such as traumatic experiences, the loss of a loved one, social issues, chronic illnesses, emotional concerns, or developmental issues. They may choose to administer behavioral therapy for children, child counseling services, or other approaches specifically constructed to appeal to a younger population.

Despite the role that mental health professionals may play in the healthy development of young children, psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers should be carefully selected in order to maximize the effects therapy may have for the child. For parents in Chicago and the surrounding metro area, this may mean taking time to ask questions and do research in order to find a child psychologist in Chicago who is best suited for their child.

How can you find a child psychologist in Chicago or any other major U.S. city? Consider these helpful suggestions:

  • Speak to your family doctor about a child psychologist or a child psychiatrist they might recommend.
  • Speak to trusted family members or friends about mental health professionals they have used in the past and would like to recommend.
  • Meet child psychologists. In Chicago, this meeting may take place at the therapist's office before any commitments are made for future sessions. However, please keep in mind that some clinicians may charge for this visit, while others may not.
  • Enquire about the qualifications of the therapist you are meeting. Ask for details regarding what specialized experience they have when it comes to working with children.
  • If you are meeting with a child psychiatrist, ask about the likelihood of medication being prescribed and what effects these may have on your child.


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