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According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the national divorce rate, as well as the divorce rate in the state of Colorado, has been decreasing for the past couple decades. Some sources attribute Colorado's falling divorce rate to the possibility that couples may be waiting longer before getting married. Many couples who are already married have also benefited from the marriage counseling services provided by licensed marriage and family therapists in Denver.

Marriage and family therapists in Denver have offer marriage counseling and couples counseling services for a variety of reasons, from reconciling relationships to strengthening them. As a result of these services, couples with underlying issues may be assisted in expressing and resolving their issues in a safe environment. Some of the concerns that have been addressed in marriage

therapy are:

A marriage therapist may use couples therapy exercises in order to teach intimate partners the skills needed to repair their relationship. By assisting couples to successfully identify and address their concerns, marriage and family therapists in Denver help to relieve tension which may have built up in the relationship. In many cases, this approach can help partners reach deeper levels of connection.
Given the impact relationship counseling may have on a marriage, it is important for couples to be selective when trying to find a marriage and family therapist. In Denver, marriage and family therapists are licensed by the state of Colorado to provide marriage counseling. They are also likely credentialed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). It may be beneficial for couples seeking treatment to ask about the experience of the marriage therapist, the treatment plan that will be implemented, as well as if marriage counseling services are covered by their current insurance plan. This level of preparation helps ensure that the best possible treatment is received by each couple.


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