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Find Family Counseling in Denver, CO

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Family therapy and "family education" are concepts often mentioned in the mental health care industry. While some people may think of both terms as interchangeable, they do not refer to exactly the same thing.

Family education refers to informational sessions that are often provided by a behavioral health program to family members of a person in treatment. For example, if a person is experiencing substance dependence issues, the clinicians may offer them individual treatment, while also providing educational sessions for other members of the family. Family education helps family members get a clearer idea of what issues the person in therapy is facing, how these issues may affect them, and how they may provide necessary support during and after the therapeutic process.

Family therapy, on the other hand, goes a bit deeper than family education. Though education is an important part of treatment and recovery, family counseling services help family members to make practical application of the things they have learned. A trained family counselor is able to focus on the health of the entire family unit and provide a safe environment where emotional issues and conflicts may be unearthed and addressed. Even young family members may benefit as a variety of family therapy techniques and creative family therapy activities are utilized by the family therapist. In Denver, family therapists help family members examine how they interact with each other and develop useful problem-solving and communication skills in order to improve future interactions.

Family counseling services may only be provided by a qualified family therapist. In Denver and other cities across the United States, a family counselor must meet the legal and professional requirements for practicing family therapy. Interventions employed during family therapy require skilled direction in order to be beneficial.


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