Find the Best Child Psychologists in Denver, CO

Find the Best Child Psychologists in Denver, CO

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Data from the 2016 State of Mental Health in America survey from Mental Health America shows that millions of young people across the United States are currently being affected by mental health issues. In the state of Colorado, for example, approximately 39,000 young people have experienced at least one major depressive episode in the past year; 31,000 are currently affected by severe major depressive episodes; and 27,000 have demonstrated dependence on illicit drugs and alcohol. In order to assist youths within the state, parents with at-risk children are urged to find a child psychiatrist in Denver or a location nearest to them. Psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in child counseling may be able to equip young individual with the skills they need in order to ecope with or resolve their issues.

Child psychiatrists and child psychologists in Denver may use different treatment modalities in order to promote improved health. Forms of psychotherapy which may be employed include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy, family therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, and play therapy. Of course, the type of therapy used will depend on the specific development, circumstances, and age of the affected children. Psychologists and child psychiatrists in Denver are trained to help infants, toddlers, young children, and teenagers who are experiencing maladaptive issues.

While proactive parents may seek to find a child psychiatrist or child psychologist in Denver in order to obtain child counseling services, it should be noted that only a psychiatrist may prescribe medication for children in therapy. In many cases, therapy has proven to be effective when treating issues such as:


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