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  • Erin McGinnis

    Erin McGinnis

    Marriage & Family Therapist

    Age groups I work with: Adults

    Do you feel like your sense of self has been chipped away by a toxic relationship? Do you feel like no one understands how destructive this person has been"... Read More

      Santa Monica, CA

    Erin McGinnis Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 40146

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  • Sandra Santana, Psy.D.

    Sandra Santana, Psy.D.

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

    Age groups I work with: Teens, Adults, Elders

    My approach to helping you is by being focused, empathic and nonjudgmental. You are not alone in your struggle, as life often throws us obstacles that we "... Read More

      Valencia, CA

    Sandra Santana, Psy.D. Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 40087

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  • Lital Shvarts, PsyD

    Lital Shvarts, PsyD

    Clinical Psychologist

    Age groups I work with: Adults, Elders

    Establishing a meaningful therapeutic connection is the foundation for learning how to improve one's quality of life, develop healthy relationships and cop"... Read More

      Los Angeles, CA

    Lital Shvarts, PsyD Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 40026

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  • Tanya Samuelian, M.S., MFTI

    Tanya Samuelian, M.S., MFTI

    Marriage & Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

    Age groups I work with: Children, Teens, Adults, Elders

    I have a wide range of experience that includes work with clients from many different ethnic, religious, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I use an "... Read More

      Westlake Village, CA

    Tanya Samuelian, M.S., MFTI Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 39878

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  • Doylene Chan, Ph.D.

    Doylene Chan, Ph.D.


    Age groups I work with: Adults, Elders

    Do you feel stuck? Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of life? Are you finding it hard to cope? As your therapist, my goal is to support you in your"... Read More

      Campbell, CA

    Doylene Chan, Ph.D. Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 39744

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  • Jennifer Baker, LMFT

    Jennifer Baker, LMFT

    Marriage & Family Therapist

    Age groups I work with: Teens, Adults

    I am skilled in working with individuals who struggle with anxiety due to life stressors and who particularly struggle with social anxiety, sleep problems,"... Read More

      Rocklin, CA

    Jennifer Baker, LMFT Phone Number: 1-800-651-8085 ext. 37213

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