Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy™ (TFT), developed by Roger Callahan, is designed to remove the symptoms of psychological stress and emotional upheaval in an effective and gentle manner. This form of therapy provides help to those suffering with addictions, fears, anxieties, and post-traumatic stress disorder by removing obstacles that prohibit the flow of energy. This technique involves both the body and the mind and incorporates Eastern teachings, modern scientific medicine, and the body’s own natural resource of healing energy. Energy is the source of all action, reaction and creativity. The issues that present in a person’s life are inextricably related to energy, whether positively or negatively.

Theory Behind TFT

TFT is based on the theory that all physiological and emotional conditions of a person are a result of the effectiveness of the energy system. Meridian points are manipulated through physical stimulation and begin to affect change to the control mechanism of the energy system. A client facilitates his or her own recovery by actively participating in the healing. He or she is instructed to tap on the meridian points in order to provide information to the therapist as to how the energy system is coded and how it is responsible for negative feelings. TFT can provide immediate and remarkable results that positively affect a person’s physiological and emotional well-being. Many clients undergo repeated TFT sessions until the desired outcome has been achieved.

TFT Method: Removing Negative Emotions Related to Thoughts

Thought Field Therapy removes all negative emotions that are related to a specific mental image or thought. TFT uses the most recent technological advances to restore the body’s own energy flow back to a fluid and constant state through the use of stimulation. Meridian treatment points are affected through acupuncture in order to repair and rebuild the disrupted energy path. Disruptions in the energy system can lead to negative feelings, physical illnesses, and cravings. By providing an open channel in through which energy can flow, a person is able to realize inner healing that begins to manifest itself through a reduction in outward symptoms.

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