Journey Therapy

Journey Therapy is a process by which a person is guided to uncover suppressed memories that are responsible for creating problematic issues in the present day. By doing this, a person is liberated from the emotion that is tied to that memory. Healing begins when the negative emotion is released. In Journey Therapy, the therapist works with the client without direct physical contact, to supply him or her with the tools necessary to discover the memories within. Once this is achieved, the behaviors associated with the memories are identified and studied. The therapist and client work together to determine which patterns must be altered in order to affect a positive change in the person’s life, health, and relationships.

Therapy Experience of Journey Therapy

Journey Therapy sessions are not bound by time restrictions, and can last up to several hours. The ideal experience is in an atmosphere of total relaxation facilitated by an experienced clinician. The sessions can often result in extremely powerful and intense memories and realizations. It is often recommended that a person set aside quiet time after the session to be able to accurately absorb and reflect on the memories and emotions they have revealed. During each session, the therapist will act as the guide as the client journeys through their life to find the memory that is causing the issue. At the moment the memory was created and stored is when the harmful emotion was born. It is this knowledge that allows Journey Therapy to isolate the emotion and remove the obstacles it has created as a result of the trauma.

Results of Journey Therapy

Clients who participate in this method of therapy often experience swift and total removal of blockages and feel a sense of freedom and liberation that infects all areas of their lives. This amazing technique has been shown to eliminate blockages formed from various issues including depression, anxiety, allergies, physical ailments, sexual dysfunctions, and even economic distress.


Last updated: 07-02-2015

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