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Understanding Yourself Is Key to Understanding Others

July 10, 2014

I am an introvert. Both of my daughters, now grown, are extroverts. When the second was in her mid-teens, I was working very long hours. I would frequently come home, brain fried, and find her waiting to tell me all the things that had happened during her day. I would try to listen, but more often than not I did not have the energy to do so. One evening, after a few minutes I apologized and told her I was really tired... Read More

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Are Nice People More Likely to Hurt You?

July 9, 2014

Common sense suggests that mean-spirited or aggressive people are more likely to hurt others. Results from a new study examining the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who told them to harm another person suggest that it could actually be nice people who are more likely to follow unethical orders. The Classic Milgram Experiment The new study was based on one of the best-known psychological... Read More

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5 Things That Help a Child with High Sensitivity and Anxiety

July 9, 2014

Anxiety is a surprisingly common problem in children. If your child has sensory processing issues or sensory hypersensitivity, you may have already witnessed how these can bring about or intensify anxiety. These sensory issues aren’t always limited to one type of sensory input. Hypersensitivity can be found in any sensory system, and affect a person in one, two, or several systems at once. The intensity of experience... Read More

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12 Coping Skills to Center Yourself through Infertility

July 9, 2014

It is natural to feel challenged and overwhelmed by fertility concerns. Receiving an infertility diagnosis is unbelievably hard on the soul, and ongoing treatment cycles can be demanding on the body. Infertility is a major life stressor that affects 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Women often report feeling bad about how they handle infertility-related... Read More


NAADAC Approves GoodTherapy.org as CE Provider

July 8, 2014

GoodTherapy.org is proud to have the approval of The Association for Addiction Professionals, known as NAADAC (naadac.org), as a continuing education (CE) provider for counselors who specialize in addictions. NAADAC aims to unite professionals in the field of addiction and addiction recovery, as well as promote education, ethical practices, and research. NAADAC has 8,000 national members who specialize in counseling,... Read More

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High School Sports Participation May Improve Mental Health

July 8, 2014

We’ve all heard the stereotype of the dumb jock, but a new study suggests that high school sports may actually be good for students’ brains. About 55% of high school students are athletes, and between 23% and 40% of all high school students report feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety. Students may be able to reduce these feelings by participating in sports, and the study suggests that high school sports... Read More

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Who Do You Want to Be With? Why Having a Vision Matters

July 8, 2014

Most of us just flow along through life without a clear vision of what we want in our future. At least that’s what I did for many years. I drifted in and out of relationships just because someone showed up at a time when I was available. I was not making a conscious choice as to who would be a suitable life partner and ended up divorced by age 34. I spent the next 12 years living alone, continuing to drift in and out... Read More

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When Trauma Follows You into Your Nightmares

July 8, 2014

They are frightening, disturbing, inconvenient, and happen when you are supposed to be rejuvenating your body and brain: the nightmares that follow a traumatic experience. Nightmares are quite common among people who have experienced a traumatic event. The aftereffects often follow them into the next day, which can affect their emotional well-being and ability to function. Nightmares can be quite scary and impact the... Read More

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Online Bullying Creates a Scary School Climate

July 7, 2014

Bullying doesn’t need to happen in person to create a culture of fear and vulnerability. A new study from Sam Houston State University has found that students who experience cyberbullying are more likely to fear being bullied at school. Cyberbullying and School Anxiety According to the study, about 7% of students experienced cyberbullying, and 29% experienced traditional bullying. The study surveyed 3,500 American... Read More

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Autism Parenting: 4 Ways to Cope with ‘Vacation Blues’

July 7, 2014

A mom from a support group I lead recently posed a concern to the group. (While permission was granted to use her story, all names and situations have been changed to maintain confidentiality.) She said, “I hate it when jealousy takes me over. How do I not feel jealous of my sister and her family as they travel to Paris and snorkel in Key West this summer, while we are sitting in what feels like a dark cave. I was dealing... Read More

teen boy in his bedroom

What Do Teen Boys Need from Parents? Let’s Ask One

July 7, 2014

We hear so much about how to support teen girls emotionally during this turbulent early-life stage, but what about raising teen boys? After having a conversation with my own 13-year-old son, I decided I would follow his lead and let him be my teacher. We have both just now entered his teenage world, him as my son and me as his mother. Although we are off to a good start, I know that I could always use more guidance,... Read More

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Bipolar Parenting: From Struggle to Stability

July 6, 2014

Three years ago I found myself pregnant with our seventh child, just a few months after already giving birth to our sixth. At first, we were ecstatic to be having another baby; we had always wanted a large family and we were getting exactly what we wanted. But as the months passed by, things began to change and I wasn’t as happy as I once was. I assumed postpartum depression had set in, just like it had with my other... Read More

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Remedies for Anxiety That Don’t Involve Medication

July 5, 2014

Medication can make a big difference for people who wake up every day to a racing heart and a sense of dread. This treatment approach isn’t for everyone, though. Medication doesn’t always work, and some people suffer side effects such as drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. For people who have heard that anti-anxiety medication can sometimes be dangerous, taking medication might even make anxiety worse.... Read More

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Study Illuminates Differences between Conservatives and Liberals

July 4, 2014

It’s no secret that the political divide between conservatives and liberals can seem more like a giant chasm. A new study by the Pew Research Group has found that the differences don’t end with ideology, though. Liberals and conservatives value different types of communities and living environments, which means that liberals and conservatives may not even live near one another. A Divided Country Thirty-eight... Read More

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