What Is Mindfulness? What Is “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction”?

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  • Jacki S.: I am a hoarder. It has gotten out of control. My Mom lives with me and she hoarder too. I hoard movies. anything Christmas, pot for...
  • sam a.: Consuming cinnamon with oatmeal can lower your blood pressure naturally to live a little longer
  • Jill Denton: Well said, Ian. Male allies like you are real treasures. Thanks for your compassionate wisdom!
  • Brittany: Any alcohol consumption is dangerous for the baby. . I just found out that I’m pregnant with baby#2, thanks to conceiveeasy. We are...
  • Ian: Forgive late comment. But I have a friend who has suffered with this addiction. She was sexually abused as a teen, which planted the seeds of...
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