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  • Pam: I’ve been very surprised when, in the midst of a disagreement, the other party blurted out “You are just a control freak!” I...
  • I_Feel_your_pain: To all you folks that are suffering with overweight (or underweight) spouses, I feel your pain. After 30 years of marriage, 2...
  • Cattop: Aisho, Not sure who you were responding to but this is my reply to you. First off, do you have children? I am going to do as Dotson...
  • John: I can feel your pain, im the same and 15 years younger. I feel I will never be happy.
  • George: I have been biting my inner cheek for about 25 years, and it’s got so bad on occasions I wear a lower gum shield to protect my cheek...