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Archive for November, 2010

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  • Garen Amirian, LMHC: Thank you all so much for the comments and input! Beau, Sadie, and Rob: I completely agree. The power of unconditional...
  • Tom P.: Your comment about antidepressants being dangerous and ineffective is completely ludacris. Many antidepressants have helped relieve patient...
  • Tate: We all live and learn and grow, sometimes apart for sure. That doesn’t mean you have to be unkind, but it is good to know that there...
  • Warren: When you have been given incorrect information by your own insurance company over the phone then I guess that there is nothing that you can...
  • Mara: I have a pretty busy schedule and of course I am like most everyone in that there are always a certain number of things that I have to...