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Archive for November, 2010

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  • natasha: I am a 25 year old girl suffering from acute depression at present. I had a privileged life and enjoyed everything be it my work or...
  • Donna: Wow, wish I had read this thread 4 yrs ago. Im 25 with two kids to my bf, who is 28, but he has 3 other kids to two diff women. 5 kids in...
  • sadel: My gf told me that from 8 to when she almost was 15 Her cousin and uncle had intercourse with her daily. Her words were everything but anal....
  • Heidi: I have been married to my habitual cheater husband for almost 4 years now. Although i never caught him in a full blown affair but mostly...
  • Jen: My girlfriend and me have been together 8 months, we havent had regular sex in a month. She says its her medication but shes been on it since...