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Archive for April, 2010

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  • LIL e: Hello, ive been trying to see if anyone could be going through what i am going through. I started dating my bf a year and 5 months ago....
  • Lynn Somerstein: Dear Nine, I don’t know if you’re living in the past, but I do know that you are living in a present which includes...
  • sharon h: Help please and advise im in a complicated relationship a carer for a 46 male with frontalobe braininjury that is deviant on internet has...
  • KP: My 22 year old son has estranged himself from me. With time I realize that his father’s early death, my in laws’ distorted presence...
  • Carey Heller, Psy.D.: Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this article and for sharing your thoughts!