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Archive for March, 2010

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  • Ddad: You don’t know me. I came to the first night in this years 33-session. I don’t know what to do. I know there’s nothing you...
  • ABM: I had to end a five year relationship with my fiancée. My father was a yeller, and i had a job where my superior was a yeller. I detest...
  • MamaQ: Someone asked for an example of real life gaslighting. My ex would tell me he was going to take a day off of work, but when the day came he...
  • forrest: So it has long been determined that inmates are not getting the care that they need- what do we do now?
  • Steven: I can definitely see how easily there could be this kind of connection. The two things, headaches and mental health… it does not seem...