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Archive for March, 2010

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  • Michelle Mallon, MSW, LSW: Lisa- I am also a social worker and I had been practicing for about 13 years when I fell prey to a Narcissistic...
  • Michelle Mallon, MSW, LSW: Andrea, In your articles, you hint at the likelihood of a pattern of continued abuse by other Narcissists if victims do...
  • Michelle Mallon, MSW, LSW: Andrea, I am currently trying to raiser awareness about this type of abuse here in Ohio. It has not been easy. In fact,...
  • miapatti: I used to have this. or rather, i have it so much less now, that it is not a problem. I definitely think it is OCD related. When I was...
  • fat: That was a terrible study. Self reporting is not a good way to measure anything. It is unreliable because the individual is not objectively...