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  • Alyssa: Im 18 seeing a man who is in his early 40’s, looks young for his age and very goodlooking and sweet, id lovs to relate to someone!:(
  • Rena Pollak: I wholeheartedly agree, Kent. I hope this article didn’t discourage anyone from fighting injustice in the world or in their...
  • Pace: Really?!? because I have two young boys and let me tell you, when they see anything that is even remotely gritty and violent that is exactly...
  • Arnold: You can be sympathetic to the plight of making a hard decision but that doesn’t mean that you will then be unable to make a rational...
  • Mike: My wife steadily gained weight over time too, reaching close to 200lbs. Two years ago she was on these pills that helped her drop her weight...